In the virtual world of gaming, one can learn and explore many things which are beneficial in life. One such game is “the trail.” The trail is an adventurous simulator game which is full of surprises and will leave the user perplexed throughout the journey of the game.

This game falls under the category of editors choice and loved by millions of people worldwide. This game helps you how to manage the resources to survive and thrive.

In the game, the user has to travel across different rugged and undeveloped countries of the world to set up the base camp there. The base camp helps to operate the further journey of the player. This game is beautifully designed which will leave the user astonished because of its unrealistic animated graphics and a fantastic storyline.

The user has to act like a person who is adventurous and loves to explore new places. The next objective is to travel to different countries, explore new areas, hunt down for new things, fulfill multiple quests and move from one campsite to another campsite.

One needs to trade numerous articles to earn the inbuilt game currency to build your flourishing city. The game might be a little bit complex for new people, but the developers have come up with a tutorial at the beginning for smooth gameplay.

The tutorial teaches people how to conserve food, how to build stamina and the art of trading which is essential for surviving in the game. From frozen lands to hot deserts, from beaches to rainforests, the user needs to travel everywhere and turn the region into the beautiful city to survive. The game checks the thinking ability as this game is all about strategy. The trail may help users build their thinking skills.

The trail game features
1. The amazing trails full of adventures will leave the gamers astonished. The graphics are quite marvelous which gives a feeling of joy and emotion.
2. The background music of the game is unique and musical which provides a serene environment in mind.
3. The game user can wear different types of clothes such as shirts, skirts, pants, headbands to look attractive throughout the journey.

The trail game specifications
1. License – Free
2. Game size – 293 MB
3. Language – English, Mandarin, Russian, French, Spanish, German.
4. Author – Kongegrate, 22 cans
5. Version – 9199
6. Operating system requirements – Android 4.1 or higher. Supports Apple and MAC devices too.
7. Game category – Simulation, adventure, strategy
8. Date of release – 1 November 2016

Game conclusion
The game developers have focused smoothly even on minute details such as if you feel hungry during the journey, you need to tap twice on the backpack to gather and eat the food. People who love to travel can find this game to be very surprising and even addictive. For more accessible gameplay, different websites, blogs, and gaming forums have uploaded many tricks and cheat codes for more accessible gameplay.

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